LASA publications

Over the years LASA researchers have published hundreds of articles in various journals. You can find them here, and search by year of publication or author. 

Year of publication


  • Steeling or Sensitizing? A Longitudinal Examination of How Ongoing Accumulation of Negative Life Events Affects Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults.

  • Older adults report cancellation or avoidance of medical care during the COVID‑19 pandemic: results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam.

  • Inequalities in frailty among older Turkish and Moroccan immigrants and native Dutch: Data from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam.

  • Frailty changes predict mortality in 4 longitudinal studies of aging.

  • The importance of engaging in physical activity in older adulthood for transitions between cognitive status categories and death: A coordinated analysis of fourteen longitudinal studies.

  • Trends in frailty and its association with mortality: Results from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, 1995-2016.

  • An econometric analysis of the mental-health effects of major events in the life of older individuals.

  • Social and physical neighbourhood characteristics and loneliness among older adults: results from the MINDMAP project.

  • Trends in Frailty and Its Association With Mortality: Results From the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam, 1995-2016.

  • Richtlijn eenzaamheid onder ouderen.