LASA publications

Over the years LASA researchers have published hundreds of articles in various journals. You can find them here, and search by year of publication or author. 

Year of publication


  • The joint effects of clinically relevant depressive symptoms and cardiovascular risk factors on incident cardiovascular disease among older adults in the community.

  • Why do spouses provide personal care? A study among care-receiving Dutch community-dwelling older adults.

  • Socio-economic inequality in long-term care: a comparison of three time periods in the Netherlands.

  • Associations of changes in neighbourhood walkability with changes in walking activity in older adults: a fixed effects analysis

  • Hoe pakt de hogere AOW-leeftijd uit? Kenmerken van werkende zestigplussers anno 2019.

  • Gesundheit vor und nach der Rente.

  • Macro-level determinants of post-retirement health and health inequalities: A multilevel analysis of 18 European countries,

  • Educational differences in macro-level determinants of early exit from paid work: a multilevel analysis of 14 European countries.

  • Factors associated with functional decline in hand and hip/knee osteoarthritis after a year’s time: data from the EPOSA study.

  • Emotional, social, and existential loneliness before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: Prevalence and risk factors among Dutch older adults.