LASA publications

Over the years LASA researchers have published hundreds of articles in various journals. You can find them here, and search by year of publication or author (sorted in descending order of year)

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  • Prevalence of protein intake below recommended in community-dwelling older adults: a meta-analysis across cohorts from the PROMISS consortium.

  • Poor Taste and Smell Are Associated with Poor Appetite, Macronutrient Intake, and Dietary Quality but Not with Undernutrition in Older Adults.

  • Associations of the oral microbiota and Candida with taste, smell, appetite and undernutrition in older adults.

  • Protein for a Healthy Future: How to Increase Protein Intake in an Environmentally Sustainable Way in Older Adults in the Netherlands.

  • The Association of Olfactory Function with BMI, Appetite, and Prospective Weight Change in Dutch Community-Dwelling Older Adults.

  • Relative Validity of the HELIUS Food Frequency Questionnaire for Measuring Dietary Intake in Older Adult Participants of the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam.

  • Does food intake mediate the association between mindful eating and change in depressive symptoms?

  • Enjoyment of Sexuality and Longevity in Late Midlife and Older Adults: The Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam.

  • Association of oral health with body weight: a prospective study in community-dwelling older adults.

  • Predictors of resilience in older adults with lower limb osteoarthritis and persistent severe pain.