Need for affiliation (behoefte aan verbondenheid)

Need for affiliation (behoefte aan verbondenheid)

LASA filenames:
LSNa078 / LSNa278 (scaled )
LASAB078 / LASAE078 / LASAB278 (scaled ) / LASAE278 (scaled )
LAS2B141 / LASAG141 / LAS2B341 (scaled ) / LASAG341 (scaled )

Scale developed by Van Tilburg (1988)

Contact: Theo van Tilburg


Questions about need for affiliation were introduced in the LSN-study, which framework served as a baseline for the LASA study. In LASA, a subset of the original questions was asked in waves B, E, 2B and G (see below).

Measurement instruments in LASA

In LSN, 10 questions were asked to investigate need for affiliation (LSNa078):

” Next, I will read 10 statements to you. They deal with what you consider to be important in your ties with others. You can respond with either “no”, “more or less” or “yes”.
an1 I want to talk to others about what I feel, about my inner experiences.
an2 I dislike having to ask for advice.
an3 I think it is better to restrain myself emotionally.
an4 When I am in trouble, I need help and support from others.
an5 I prefer to keep emotional problems to myself.
an6 I try to cope with sorrows on my own.
an7 I want to share my inner life.
an8 When something bothers me, I like to go to others for advice.
an9 My feelings are my own business.
an10 Particularly when I am experiencing difficulties, I like to lean on someone.”

Choice of answers: (1) no, (2) more or less, (3) yes

In addition, a scale was constructed from 9 of these questions (LSna278, excluding an2) which computation and psychometric properties can be found here.

Furthermore, during the LASA-study (waves B, E, 2B and G) a subset of the original 10 questions was applied, excluding an2, an3, an5 and an7. This was also the base for the construction of a 6-item scale which computation and psychometric properties can be found here.


LASAB078 / LASAE078 (main interview, in Dutch);
LAS2B141 / LASAG141 (self-administered questionnaire, in Dutch);

Variable information

LASAB078 / LASAE078;
LASAB278 / LASAE278 (scaled)

LAS2B141 / LASAG141;
LAS2B341 / LASAG341 (scaled)

A description of the data used in the LSN-study can be found here.

Availability of information per wave


Need for affiliation


¹ More information about the LASA data collection waves is available here.

* 2B=baseline second cohort;
3B=baseline third cohort;
MB=migrants: baseline first cohort

Ma=data collected in main interview;
Sa=data collected in self-administered questionnaire


  1. van Tilburg, T.G. (1988). Verkregen en gewenste ondersteuning in het licht van eenzaamheidservaringen [Obtained and desired social support in association with loneliness]. Dissertatie, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. (See pages 58-60 and 119-121.)