Memory partner

Memory partner

LASA filenames:
As part of LASA139 (partner questions),

Contact: Dorly Deeg


Memory problems and dementia diagnosis of the partner were asked by means of two questions. The questions are part of a larger questionnaire covering the relationship and functioning of the respondents’ partner, see: Partner relationship.

Measurement instruments in LASA

The following two questions were asked in the self-administered questionnaire:

  • qpmemo
    Does your partner suffer from memory loss? no partner (-2), no answer (-1), no (1), yes(2)
  • qpdeme
    Is your partner diagnosed with dementia by a physician? no partner (-2), no answer (-1), no (1), yes(2)

LASAE139 / LASAF139 / LASAG139 / LASAH139 / LAS3B139 / LASAI139 / LASAJ139 / LASAK139  (qpmemo, qpdeme; in self-administered questionnaire, in Dutch)

Variable information

LASAE139 / LASAF139 / LASAG139 /LASAH139 / LAS3B139 / LASAI139 / LASAJ139 / LASAK139  (3B, I, J and K not available yet)
(qpmemo, qpdememe, pdf)

Availability of information per wave


Memory partner


¹ More information about the LASA data collection waves is available here.

* 2B=baseline second cohort;
3B=baseline third cohort;
MB=migrants: baseline first cohort;
3B, I, J and K=not available yet

Sa=data collected in self-administered questionnaire

Previous use in LASA

So far, these questions have not been used in scientific articles.

Date of last update: February, 2014