M.I. (Marjolein) Broese van Groenou, PhD

Professor informal care (Prof.dr.)
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Affiliated with LASA since 1991

Within LASA I am responsible for data about health care and long-term care. This includes, for example, visits to the GP and hospital, but also the use of home care (formal care) and help from family, friends and neighbors (informal care or informal care). Public long-term care policies change regularly and have undergone significant reforms in 2007 and 2015. With LASA data, we can investigate to what extent changes in the supply of publicly funded care are reflected in changes in nursing home admissions, the use of home care, and the giving and receiving of informal care in the LASA population. An important theme in this regard is the prevention of socio-economic inequality in the provision and reception of care. In addition, I look at the size and composition of care networks of frail older adults and the relationship with psychological well-being and loneliness. A third area of ​​attention concerns the extent to which the elderly provide informal care themselves and how they combine this with doing voluntary work and/or paid work. 


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  • Group social
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  • Core research group (KGO)