J. (Jens) Abbing,

PhD student
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Affiliated with LASA since 2019

For my PhD research I investigate socioeconomic inequality in the use of long-term care and possible implications for the wellbeing of older adults. In the Netherlands, there are clear inequalities: Privately paid care is primarily a privilege for those with a higher socioeconomic status (e.g. higher income or education), while those with a lower status use more publicy financed care or informal care provided by family members. As the long-term care system has changed substantially over the past decades this raises questions: How did this impact inequalities in care use over time? What consequences does this have for older adults’ wellbeing? And what role do differences in health and social networks play? These are questions that I want to answer during the coming years.


Research projects

  • In-care


Member of

  • Group care
  • Social context of Ageing (within the department of sociology VU)
  • In-care