Work and aging

In the table below, entries in the left column refer to the related documentation, while the numbers in the cells of columns LASA-B to LASA-I refer to the corresponding LASA-data files (e.g. '016' in column B refers to 'LASAB016'). Underlined entries are hyperlinks, hovering with your mouse over the underlined waves will show you the years in which the corresponding measurements took place.

For LASA-3B (cohort 3, Baseline), and LASA-MB (Migrants 1st cohort, Baseline) some files are not yet available since processing of the underlying data is still in progress. In 2015 a new measurement has been started containing respondents from cohorts 1, 2, and 3: the I-wave (still in progress). Note that the MB-cohort which was examined in 2013-2014 has its own sampling frame.

UC: Under Construction

More details about the LASA-waves, see LASA-introduction.
* * Note that the MB-data and I-data are not yet available (in red).

LASA-wave  B C D E 2B F G H 3B MB* I*
Cohort 1
Cohort 2
Cohort 3
Migrant Cohort                      
Work and Retirement characteristics  
Work and Retirement
- tel. respondent
- 016
Physical and psychosocial General Population Job Exposure Matrix (GPJEM) 016 UC UC
LASA-wave  B C D E 2B F G H 3B MB I